Bowring Park Luxury Cattery
We used to own and run the Bowring Park Luxury Cattery (opened in 2009) and Small Animal Hotel (opened in 2007) on Bowring Park Avenue, however as we were the only luxury cattery in merseyside we were finding ourselves being fully booked all year round and turning away hundreds of customers. Also as we lived in a residential area we had certain restrictions from our local council because we had no carparking and lots  neighbours, so customers weren't allowed to visit our premises. Therefore we decided to move premises in order to expand our business!

The Pets Country Manor
Our new premises 'THE PETS COUNTRY MANOR' opened on 30th October 2012
(formely known as the brick wall inn pub on netherley road in Tarbock Green -between Huyton, Widnes and Halewood) it was in July 2011 that we first put in our offer and the sale went ahead on 13th july 2012 so its taken a very long time!.

Timeline of our luxury cattery

  • July 2012 new premises were purchased
  • July 2012 foundations and concrete bases for the office /cattery /animal hotel started
  • August 2012 fencing and gates installed
  • Septmeber 2012 CCTV, sensor beams, alarms installed all around the pets country manor
  • September 2012 concrete base for the cattery was tiled with porcelain tiles
  • October 2012 the first 20 chalets were built in the cattery
  • November 2012 the office/reception area was built
  • December 2012 the small animal hotel was built along with 30 10 sq ft hutches
  • January 2013 the grounds were landscaped with laid to lawn, and bird feeders placed around
  • February 2013 our new pets country manor signs were ordered and put up out the front
  • February 2013 all the runs arrived for the small animal hotel -60 sq ft runs!
  • March 2013 the rabbit/guinea pig runs were built in to the hotel allowing them to be attached to the hutches.
  • March 2013 products started arriving for our new shop
  • March 2013 the second and final phase of the cattery was built, the last 20 units.
  • january 2016 planning permission to expand the cattery by a further 31 rooms was submitted
  • september 2016 the small animal hotel for small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs etc was sold and moved to rainhill
  • september 2016 expansion on the new 31 chalets was started
  • december 2016 expansion was completed in time for christmas

Liverpool's finest cattery, and luxury small furry pet boarding
The pets country manor is now fully complete and we have 69 VIC (very important cat) suites complete with panoramic windows, beds, blankets, large climbing frames and scratching posts, toys, bowls etc -everything your cat will need. They are all a massive 40 sq ft! and have an extra 22 sq ft climbing wall! meaning we have some of the largest rooms in the UK 

Where are we?
Our new premises is called 'THE PETS COUNTRY MANOR' and we are situated between huyton and halewood (just a 3 minute drive from our bowring park cattery) on Netherley Road, Tarbock Green, L35-1QG (some of you may know it as it used to be a pub called the Brick Wall Inn).


Below are some pictures of our progress, and of the new pets country manor



The Pets Country Manor has been built in the old childrens play area and beer garden of the former pub. This is what it looked like when we first bought it on 13th July 2012


The site was cut back and levelled then the foundations were dug out


The concrete bases for the cattery, isolation unit, small animal hotel and office/reception area were completed in about 6 weeks or so



All the beautiful paths were put in and made with purple slate



The whole area almost 300 sq ft was tiled by our amazing tiler! with frost proof porcelain tiles



The cattery came in October 2012 and took just 2 weeks to be completed



All the insulated bedrooms were put up first, followed by the attached runs, then finally the coridoor was added



The first 20 chalets were built in October 2012



The Small Animal Hotel was built in December 2012



The area for the office/reception was cleared and the concrete base laid



Our new shop /reception area was ready in December 2012