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(if you have any problems downloading the form and would like us to send you out a booking form in the post just email your address requesting a booking form to or we have booking forms in a little box next to the side of our front gates so you're welcome to call in 24/7 to pick one up. Once youve completed it (please make sure all boxes in yellow are filled out) you can take photos of each of the pages then email them to

Below you will find our new information / changes / T&C's 

2023 changes / information / T&C


We’re making lots of changes for throughout 2023 which can all be read below and in the terms and conditions.


  • The previous booking fee will be reducing from £40 down to an admin fee of £8.34 plus vat (£10), this £10 will not come off the final bill and ONLY covers the exact dates you’ve written on your booking form as usual. If you would like to change your arrival or departure date (even by just 1 day) we will need to recheck availability/appt times and will need another booking form and another £10 admin fee to cover your new amended dates.
  • Due to us turning away several hundred people throughout July and August and with the difficulties we faced for two years throughout covid (with no one going away on holiday and being classed as farming so we had very little government help but still have all the loan payments to cover) we have had to introduce a minimum stay for July and august of 10 days (or minimum cost of boarding per room of £170)
  • For arrivals in July and August we need a minimum of 14 days cancellation notice otherwise the full amount of the original booking is still charged (for arrivals throughout the rest of the year the same standard 7 days notice applies)
  • The minimum cost of stay for between September-june is £60
  • Due to the rising costs of cat food, cat litter, petrol, and wage bill  we have a small price increase for daily boarding, chauffeur service, medications and pet remedy plugs -further details on form/ T&C
  • Just a heads up that our free photo and video service stopped in 2016 so we no longer offer this service. (we do however offer certain luxury upgrades which include a photo or video which you can select on the booking form)
  • We can only take enquiries via email  (were unable to receive texts/ whatsapp/ instgram/ twitter/facebook/tiktok/youtube messages etc as we aren’t able to monitor all these things on a daily basis)
  • Our phone line is no longer a ‘live phone line’ so if you’d like to pay your booking fee or remaining balance over the phone or your cat is currently with us on holiday and you’d like to see how they are please call 07746741382 and leave your full name, cats name and your phone number and we’ll return your call.
  • If you would like to make any amendments at all to your booking, check availability, make any enquiries, or confirm any of your booking details this can be done via email
  • Please save our email address in your list of safe senders (due to us sending so many emails on a daily basis our emails tend to go into peoples spam box so many people don’t receive our emails -even though they have in the past)
  • Please be aware be have a zero REFUND POLICY so please please don’t transfer ANY money to our account because we are unable to offer you ANY money back at all so please only pay balances on the due date and not before because if you need to cancel even with 7/14 days notice we are unable to refund this amount or transfer it/keep hold of it for future holidays
  • We are advising that people DON’T book in with us yet unless they are absolutely sure their holiday is going ahead (although you’re more than welcome to) this is in order to prevent you from losing your £10 booking fee. –this fee is non refundable and non transferable as this is how much we charge to process each booking on the day someone books in therefore it only covers the arrival/departure date on your booking form. (if you need to amend your arrival or departure date -even by just 1 day we must have a new booking form and booking fee).
  • We are continuing with certain measures in place. due to our business being a potential hotpost for covid ie customers travelling to/from abroad, we have a certain level of responsibility to customers and also our staff so presently we are unable to allow customers inside the cattery building. the cattery has operated by appointment only basis since 2018 and will continue to do so. we will have 1 customer booked in every 5 minutes–the gates are continued to be kept closed and will opened at whatever time your appointment is, this is for the safety and security of all animals on site.


We recommend saving the booking form you download onto your device, then each time you would like to book in us throughout the year you can just edit the parts highlighted in yellow (date and time of holiday / name and date of flea treatment / dates of vaccinations). This will save you needing to fill out a whole new form each time.


PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS BOOKING IS ONLY GUARANTEED AND ACCEPTED BASED ON THE INFORMATION YOU’VE SUPPLIED ON THE BOOKING FORM BEING CORRECT. (ie flea treatment being from vet, flea treatment covering duration of holiday, vaccination date on form being correct, date/time of arrival/collection)




  • DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENT TO OUR ACCOUNT UNTIL WE HAVE REQUESTED IT FROM YOU IN WRITING -this is because we need to check your form first and we are unable to offer ANY refunds at all, as we don’t have an account card reader or cheque book (Please be aware that we have 100% no refund policy.)
  • The BEST WAY TO BOOK IN is to email your booking form to us at once weve received it and gone through it we’ll email  you back to request the non refundable  non transferable  admin fee of £8.34 plus vat (£10) (if the arrival date is within the next 7 days (or 14 days in July/august) we will need full payment in order to book in). Please make sure we receive your payment within 24 hours of our request. –we will email you our bank details. please remember this booking fee only covers the dates you’ve written on your form if you need to change your arrival/departure date (even by just 1 day) we will need you to send another booking form and admin fee.
  • If you’re unable to download a booking form from our website, we can send you out a booking form in the post, or you can collect a booking form from a box outside our gates 24/7 to take away and complete at home. Once completed if you can take photos of each page and email these pictures as attachments to us once weve received your booking form we will email you back to request the admin fee which can be made via bank transfer or you can give us a call to pay by debit card over the phone.
  • We must receive your admin fee within 24 hours of us sending you the payment request otherwise our system automatically deletes booking forms if no payments have been received. So if its been longer than 24 hours since receiving our payment request please don’t send any money, instead resend your booking form so we can recheck availability/appt times. (we receive dozens of forms on a daily basis so appts go very quickly)
  • Once weve received both your booking form and admin fee we will email you back the confirmation of booking which will confirm all the details you have put on the booking form, what you need to do for your cats holiday, and your final balance and the date it needs to be paid.
  • Please don’t pay your remaining balance before the due date -this is because firstly our system automatically scans for payments 7 days before the arrival date only so if you send payment before this date it will not be picked up by our system and secondly we have a 100% 0 refund/transfer policy so if you need to cancel your booking -even with more than 7 days notice we are unable to refund any money back to you, so please don’t send any payment to our account before the due date.

PLEASE NOTE: your cat is not booked in until we have received BOTH your booking form & admin fee


Terms and conditions

we’re open during the above months by appt -mon-Sat 9:00-12:30 & on mon/tues/thur/fri between 4:00-5:30 (closed on Sundays & bank holidays) Cats can be dropped off with us at anytime between our opening hours by appointment & we will put them into their room. (due to our business being a potential hotpost for covid ie customers travelling to/from abroad, we have a certain level of responsibility so we are unable to allow customers inside the cattery)

October -March –WINTER OPENING TIMES (limited opening times as we’re semi-closed for the winter)
we’re open during the above months mon-sat 9:00-10:30am & on mon/tue/thur/fri between 4:30-5:00 (closed on Sundays, bank holidays & also on the 24th & 31st dec) Cats can be dropped off with us at anytime between our opening hours by appt & we’ll put them into their room. (due to our business being a potential hotpost for covid ie customers travelling to/ from abroad, we have a certain level of responsibility so are unable to allow customers inside the cattery)


Prices/booking fee etc

We charge by the day not by the night & the Day of arrival, day of departure & all days booked are charged for, regardless of departure time. An £8.34 plus vat (£10) non-refundable & non-transferable admin fee will be charged to secure your booking per room, unless the arrival date is within the 7 days, (or 14 days for July/aug) in this case full payment is required. Please note that this admin fee ONLY covers the exact dates on this form, if your dates change even by just 1 day we would need another booking form & £10 admin fee This is non-refundable and will not be deducted from your final bill. Our prices are: £14.17 plus vat per day for 1 cat, £20 plus vat per day for 2 cats, £24.17 plus vat per day for 3 cats, £28.34 plus vat per day for 4 cats, £44.17 plus vat per day for 5 cats in twin room, £60 plus vat per day for 6 cats in triple (based on your cats sharing a room). (24th/ 25th/ 26th/ 31st dec & 1st jan are charged at double rate The remaining balance of the holiday is due 7 days before arrival (or 14 days if arrival in july/august) by bank transfer or debit card over phone. Cream /Medication are £2 per treatment. Our collection/delivery starts from £30, please contact us if you require this service. Please note WE MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 7 DAYS NOTICE (OR 14 DAYS NOTICE IF ARRIVAL IS IN JULY/AUGUST) BEFORE THE ARRIVAL DATE IF YOU WANT TO CANCEL THE BOOKING OR AMMEND THE BOOKING IN ANYWAY (come home early, change the dates etc) OTHERWISE THE FULL AMOUNT OF THE ORIGINAL BOOKING  WILL STILL BE PAYABLE. between September-June the minimum cost of stay is £60 and the remaining balance is due 7 days before the arrival. Between July-August the minimum cost of stay is £170 and the remaining balance is due 14 days before arrival (please don’t send any payment before the due date because our system is automated and only scans for payments on the due date)  


Health and non collection of pets

A condition of boarding is that your cat is in a fit & healthy condition with no fleas and your cat MUST HAVE HAD their annual vaccinations/boosters within the last 12 months but at least 14 days before arrival if its due –you MUST bring vaccination cards with you on arrival everytime. If your cat isnt currently up to date with annual vaccinations within the last 12 months & it has been longer than 15 months since their last vaccination (or longer than 15 months in between your previous annual boosters) then your cat MUST restart their primary vaccinations again from scratch which will take 5 weeks for them to be covered, they must have had the 2nd jab a minimum of 2 weeks before the arrival date to prevent them bringing a live virus into the cattery. You must also bring proof of a vet prescribed flea treatment with you on arrival (this MUST be either the precription label on the outside of the flea treatment box or the receipt from the vets -what we need to see is the date you purchased it and the quantity you purchased -ie if you purchased 3 in january and your cat is coming in june then we cannot accept this prescription as the 3 months collected in jan will cover you for jan/feb/march not june). In the event your pet shows signs of illness, we will contact you or your emergency contact immediately to discuss the situation & if necessary take your cat to your vet if within a 5 mile radius otherwise our own vet will be used, if we cant get through & we feel they need a vet we will take your cat to the vet. This amount will be payable by you when you collect your cat. We accept no liability in the unlikely event your pet becomes ill, lost or dies during their stay. All pets are left entirely at the owner's risk. If pets aren't collected within 3 days of the departure date, and no communication is received from the owner, a decision to rehome your pet will be made at the cattery owners' discretion. The full amount will still be payable. ALL cats must be up to date with flea treatments upon arrival to prevent them from bringing in and catching fleas. (flea product needs to be from the vet not a pet shop to ensure its strong enough to prevent them catching fleas)


What to bring with:
All cats must be brought in a suitable carry case, you MUST bring your cats vaccination card on the day of arrival (you must bring this every single time your cat comes on holiday). You MUST bring proof of your cats flea treatment which needs to prescribed by the vet –this can be a receipt from the vet or the box the flea product came in with the vets sticky label on it (we need to see the date of purchase and amount purchased). The final balance is due 7 days before arrival. (we no longer accept credit cards). Feel free to bring a bed/blanket/favourite toy/treats/item of clothing. Please remove your cats collar before they come on holiday due to safety reasons. If you would like us to groom your cat please bring their brush.



Please find below a link to download the new 2023 booking form (this is a microsoft word document)

File 1 (41kb)



Please find below the link to download the new 2023 booking form (this is a pdf version of the form so you cant fill this out online -only print to fill out)

File 1 (409kb)