Welcome to the Pets Country Manor

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UK's best cattery


The Pets Country Manor has been voted as THE BEST cattery in the UK at the pet industry federation awards hosted by frank bruno! there are over 2000 licensed boarding establishments in the UK so to have been crowned as Britains number 1 is something we are delighted with. :)



Welcome to Pets Country Manor

The Pets Country Manor is a luxury cattery in Liverpool. We serve a niche market providing luxury high end accommodation for cats. Our premises comprises of 69 suites -61 of these rooms are for upto 2 cats and 8 of these rooms are for upto 4 cats. (our rooms have removable partitions so we accomodate upto 25 cats from the same household) We have lots of customers from surrounding areas using our cattery such as warrington, widnes, southport, the wirral.


luxury accomodation for cats


6 star hotel accomodation for cats 




Accomodation in the cattery



All holidays are all inclusive and each suite is a huge 40 sq ft complete and has a 22 sq ft climbing wall! with separate thermostatically heated bedrooms containing a dining area and en suite bathroom, attached to this is a large fully equipped games room which includes ceiling height activity scratching centers and toys.



NEW FOR 2023


From 2023 all rooms come with hanging kitty cuddle egg chairs (dont worry they dont swing as they're fitted in the corner so are nice and sturdy)


Rooms with a View


Being a luxury hotel and luxury cattery in liverpool all our rooms come with a view. Rooms have either a sunset or sunrise view from their panoramic windows overlooking landscaped gardens and countryside.







as standard and little extras

The Cattery is fully heated, licensed, alarmed and secure, the pets country manor is in our back garden so theres always someone here. All catts are given lots of time and attention and are played with, groomed and cuddled to make sure they settle in and enjoy their holiday and go home happy and wanting to return. We also offer lots of various upgrades which you can view on our upgrade tab 



who's looking after your pets?

Here at the Pets Country Manor we're a family run business, theres ourselves vicky and craig who own and run the business we're the only two people who will be going into your cats chalet to look after them (no young people on work experience, staff, or volunteers) meaning you'll know exactly who will looking after your pet, plus your cat only has to get used to us meaning they tend to settle in alot more quickly. We also have super duane who does everything else such as cleans out cat chalets once furbabies have gone home, maintenance of the cattery and grounds etc plus Emma our admin assistant who deals with all the email enquries offsite. and my mum dot who helps out during busy times with washing litter trays/bowls/beds etc  



Whats included?


Everything is provided when your cat stays with us, all holidays are all inclusive, and include things like beds, blankets, toys, food, litter etc especially lots of cuddles and TLC. however your more than welcome to bring your own cats bed, we also recommend bringing an item of your clothing with so your cat has something with your scent on, this can sometimes help cats settle in





Here at the Pets Country Manor, our rooms are all south facing meaning theres lots of chance for guests to catch up on some sunbathing time.





Can i view the pets country manor

yes absolutely!. As of July 2022 however we are no longer able to offer individual viewing appointments (due to how busy we are looking after guests and checking people in/out each day our appointment slots are very limited and throughout 2022 we've had a huge amount of people booking to view then not showing up so we're unable to offer individual viewings any longer). so we now hold open days once a month, please chec our instagram page or email us to find out when our next open day is and to book a spot. We aso have a virtual tour that can be viewed on youtube by searching pets country manor virtual tour



kitty Hampurrs gift store


we have an onsite gift store with a variety of stock for cats and cat loving hoomans too! from cat food, treats, tpys andcat litter to cat themed vases, jewelery, scratching posts and much more



cattery only -no dogs allowed



We are a 6 star luxury hotel /luxury cattery in Liverpool. The Pets Country Manor is set in beautiful, peaceful and tranquil surroundings (no barking dogs) so cats are very relaxed



booking your pets in

If you'd like to book in please check availability via our website -(opening times and availability tab), then download a booking form (cattery booking form tab). complete the form and email to petscountrymanor@hotmail.co.uk -Please make sure you have a good read of the booking form as this will answer alot of questions -ALL BOXES IN YELLOW MUST BE COMPLETED OTHERWISE WE CANT ACCEPT/PROCESS YOUR BOOKING. so if you arent quite sure what brand of flea treatment your vets stock, or the exact date of your vaccinations for example then please dont send the form until you have this information as theres nothing we can do. (we also have booking forms in a little pot outside our gates so you can pick up a form, or if youd like one sending in the post just email your address requesting a form in the post -you'll need to take photos of the completed form and email them to us)




We have optional luxury upgrades available when you book your cats in -full details can be found on the booking form.

we have rooms of upto 400 sq ft!


We have Pawsome Afternoon Tea which is served daily to your cat on a raised bamboo dining table whislt on holiday, & whatever's left is taken home their own little afternoon tea bag


We offer in room water fountains, orthopedic four poster beds, pet remedy plug ins and ipad interactive entertainment, hydrate waters on arrival, catnip bubble machine play sessions


We have range of fine dining options available from our onsite mini bar. 
Kitty Tapas: fresh white fish / spring water tuna / succulent sliced chicken breast / juicy prawns / mouth watering ham



As well as offering Kitty Tapas meals, we also offer a range of drinks.
Kitty Cattacinos served with a side order of chicken fillet strips and a catnip mouse
Your Cats A Star martinis -choose from duck /chicken/ fish flavour served with a side order of chicken fillet strips and a catnip toy mouse


And for dessert we have
Holiday cat cupcake / birthday cake (tuna, oceanfish, salmon, chicken, liver, turkey) 
Fish, duck, pawsecco or homemade tuna flavoured ice cream pop 
Puddycat pudding with kitty custard & a side order of dreamies 




birthday packages

We now offer birthday packages which include a cupcake with kitty custard, chewie candle, birthday toy, celebratory glass or meowtini!

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